Presentation of Digital camera connected to Traveler microscope and PC via USB port

The job has been done by Nabil Brandl at Viborg, Denmark Dec. 2008

This microscope has digital video camera, which connected to PC by USB wire.

More information about this microscope, can be obtained by clicking on Traveler Microscope

This microscope costs in Denmark 500 Danish kroner ($100), while the advanced digital microscope costs $2000. You can click on the related links to compare price and objects quality.

II made significant improvement on microscope images:

My blood cells., 10X Magnification
Fly leg
Yeast., 10X magnification
This page was last updated: December 22, 2008
Yeast cells in colony form, 40X magnification
Yeast cells in colony form
My Blood Cell 40X Magnification.
Milk Bacteria 40X
Milk Bacteria 40X
My Blood Cell 40X Magnification.
One layer in onion bulb
One layer in onion bulb
One layer in onion bulb

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