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Application of Image analysis

Estimating pig's weight by its body area using image analysis

This is an application to image analysis system, which describes how to use the mathematical process in practical application. An experiment has been done at research Center Foulum, Denmark, to investigate the relationship between pig's body area from above and its live weight. The results has shown promising trend and pig's weight can be estimated in range +/- 5%. The experiment gave an idea to establish an image system in the commercial herds in UK. The results showed that pig's growth curve can be drawn for 24-hours, so the pig producers can follow the growth of his/her animals and watch their health and welfare status. The results of these experiments had been published in scientific journals and scientific conference. The following picture showed the apparatus, which used to test the relationship between animal's body area and its live weight at Research Center Foulum.

List of the published papers

Brandl, N. and Joergensen E., 1996, Determination of live weight of pigs from dimensions measured by image analysis, Computers and electronics in Agriculture, vol. 15, pp 57-72.

Schofield C.P., Marchant J.A.,White R.P., Brandl N. and Wilson M., Monitory pig growth using prototype imaging system, Journal of agr. Engineering Research, vol. 72, pp 205-210.


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Application of applied image analysis

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