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  Introduction to Applied Image analysis

Information in any image stored in pixels or points in form of matrix, which contains light intensity (I) in a position's, coordinates (X, Y). The light intensity contains the three main colors; blue, red and black. The values of light intensity ranged between 0=black and 255=white. The degrees between 0 and 255 represents the gray levels, which identify the objects from image background. The different between the object and background is called threshold value. The mathematicians have made attempts to enhance the objects by using special filters to filter the noises in image. These attempts can easy understand by using the program Morphology of image analysis

By studying the image's contents, it is possible to extract useful information, which explain the biological processes in animal science. Programming an image analysis application, using computer language C++, visual basic or JAVA for web-sites users can do the study.

For the users, who has no experience in programming, it is possible to use friendly user packages for image analysis, which needs only experience in computer windows systems application.


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Application of applied image analysis

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