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Application of Image analysis

Determination of antigens/antibodies interaction in chicken using Flow Analysis Cytometry Sorting (FACS).

In Research Center Foulum has done an experiment, which used FACS method to sort the blood cells according to their effect by antigens/antibodies reactions. By this method, scientists could differentiate between the positive/negative immune toward a certain disease in chickens. The results have been published in International Society for Animal Genetics, 2000. For more details about the experiment, refer to the following literature:

Juul-Madsen, H.R., Dalgaard T.S. and Afanassief M., 2000, Molecular characterization of major and minor MHC class I and II genes in B21 -like haplotypes in chickens, International Society of Animal Genetics, vol. 31, pp 252-261.


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Application of applied image analysis
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