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Animal Welfare and the Ethics of Animal Use. This is a Center for Applied Ethics virtual library, which collect the most important scientific journals.

Elsevier Science Your gateway to science. This is a virtual library for a collection of scientific journals.

Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research This is a virtual library for agricultural engineering research including applied image analysis.

World-Wide Web virtual library: Microscopy. This virtual library specialized in electron microscopy science, using image analysis.

 Animal Ultrasound services Welcome to AUS, the developer and supplier of complete systems for the computerized evaluation of ultrasonic images of live animals and carcasses.


 Purdue University Cryo-Electron Microscopy and image analysis laboratory... Native Ross River virus Our research involves the coordinated application of high resolution cryo-electron microscopy (CryoEM) and three-dimensional (3D) image reconstruction techniques to answer question....


Directory of Academic Statisticians 2001. Dr. Horgan Spatial and temporal data, statistics in animal and nutrition science, image analysis Professor C.Jennison Bath sequential methods, clinical trials, spatial models in image analysis.....


 Research and educational Flow Cytometry confocal microscopy. Image and 3-D reconstruction research area... involving analytical biochemistry, cell biology, animal experimentation, traditional and advances....



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