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  Application of Image analysis

Determination of animal movement, using image analysis system.


The image analysis system offers a possibility to determine the movement of objects in image by tracking them from one image to another. The determination was based on the different in light between two squence images. Every time the animal moves from one position to another, pixels in image will change their light intensity and this will indicated movement. An experiment has been done in research Center Foulum, Denmark to determine the pig's activities by estimated their movement in pig's pen. The animal movement can also determine either automatic or semi automatic. The automatic method has done by using the different in light intensity between two images, while the semi automatic method has done by using x and y position of coordinators in image, using a computer mouse and well trained operator to choose the x,y points on image and estimate the distance travel of animals. These two methods have been published in scientific conferences, one in Minnesota, USA and the other in Saumur, France.

The following are the published papers

Brandl N., Bottcher R.W. (ed.) and Hoff S.J., 1997, Determination of travel distance in pigs. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium, Blooming, Minnesota, USA, 29-30, May 1997, 11 Ref, Published by American Sociaty of Agricultral Engineering (ASAE), St. Joseph, USA, pp 461-467.


Brandl N., 1996, Determination of pigs movement, measured by image analysis, Third Int. Workshop of Animal Lokomotion, Saumur 1996., France, p 13.


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Application of applied image analysis

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