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Applications of image Analysis system as information source for biological sciences in general and for animal science in particular

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A virtual Library is a collection of categories and subcategories arranged systematically to guide and stimulate the reader in interesting of special science. The most virtual libraries presented the hyperlinks as a list without any introduction to the subject. Therefor, in this virtual library, the author tried hard to present the subject; applied image analysis in an easy way to specialists and non-specialists.

Image analysis system is a very complicated subject; some times people misunderstand the subject and exchanged with image manipulation. Fancy pictures are omitted in this page with purpose because pictures will confuse the reader. The main purpose of this page is to deliver information to the people, who interest in applied image analysis. To get the right understanding, please click on the following links:

Introduction to Image Analysis system

By clicking on Introduction, you will get a general idea about image analysis and its technique. By using this technique, you will understand how to extract information from image.

Images samples from video frames.

By clicking on video samples, you will see how to upload video clips using video center.

Estimating pig's weight by its body area, using image analysis system.

By clicking on the above link, you will see how image analysis technique applied to estimate animal's weight.

Estimating pig's movement, using image analysis.

By clicking on the above link, you will get an idea, how estimate animal movement by using image analysis technique.

Determination of antigen /antibodies interaction in Chicken using Flow Analysis Cytometry Sorting (FACS)

The above link, show the image analysis applications in laboratory works, to estimate the amount of antigens, which indicate the immunity of animals for diseases. The applications described by using fluorescence technique, which show the relationship between the amount and size of antigens particles.

References as web-sites links

The author has made attempts to collect the most important hyperlinks, to be as references for people, who interest in applications of image analysis in animal science and in biological sciences.

The discussion group for applied image analysis by e-mail

By clicking on above link, you will be able to join the discussion group, which gather scientists in a virtual conference to discuss common problems and share their ideas.

The index of the whole Virtual Library

The above link works as summary and shortcut to the whole libray


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Application of applied image analysis

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