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Family Tree
Mathias Brandl (1) Born 1806
Mathias Brandl (2) born 1833
Maria Brandl (1)
Maria Brandl (2)
born 1888
Vina, Brandl, Elbadawi, Mohamed Ali
Hous, Brandl, Elbadawi, Abotaha
Swas, Brandl, Elbadawi, Elsingabi

Khalid, Brandl, Elbadawi
Tinna, Brandl, Elbadawi, Ibrahim
Anna Brandl
born 1874
Maria Brandl (3)
Mathias Brandl (3)
Born 1894
Maria (Brandl) Piehler
Brandl family in Germany
Family Silver Wedding

Hertha and Nabil Brandl's
9 July 1977 - 9 July 2002

Here are members of El-Badawi and Brandl family
The structure of El-Badawi and Brandl family
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