Nabil and Laura Brandl photo albume
Family visit in Denmark
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Hertha Laura Schwartz Brandl

Hertha is a daughter of Signe Christensen and Karl Aage Christensen
and has 2 sisters
Osa and Esther kirstene Christensen

Signe Schwartz Christensen is a daughter of  Kirstine & Kristian Schwartz,
who came from Austry to Denmark.

Signe Schwartz Christensen born at Lolland, South Sealand, Denmark.
Signe has 2 brothers Karl Schwartz & Fredrik Schwartz.

Karl Aage was the son of Kristian & Laura Christensen, Copenhagen.

Karl Aage has 3 brothers Harry, Svend, Oswald and Sister Oda Christensen

Here is a picture of Signe Schwartz and Karl Aage Christensen