Nabil Brandl

Research Scientist
Dept. of Animal Health and Welfare
Research Centre Foulum
P.O. Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele
Tlf:+45 89 99 13 71 - Fax:+45 89 99 15 00


Statistical and Mathematical operations, concerning image analysis

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Research profile

Research within developing methods of swine production management through automatic weight determination by image analysis and measuring pigs' activities. Applications of avian immunological studies by flow cytometry system.

Education and employment

Agriculture engineer (1967). Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture. Higher Diploma in Agronomy (1968). Cairo university (B.Sc. M.Sc.), Faculty of Science. Higher diploma in Microbiology (1969). Diploma data Processing, Copenhagen University (1979). Special course in Dairy Bacteriology, Royal Veterinary Agricultural University of Copenhagen (1974). Course in Agricultural Economy, Tune Landboskole (1978). Special course in statistic analysis, Tune landboskole (1981). Special course in Swine production, Royal Veterinary Agricultural University of Copenhagen (1979). Special course in C-programming, Skive Handelsskole (1989). Statistical analysis of Swine production (1979-1989). Nordic graduate Course, Hend management, 1996, Tune Landboskole. ECDL 2003

Current projects (main activities)

Publishing of image analysis project

Data processing of experimental results.

Application of Flow cytometry system in avian immune response.

Scientific referee for the Journal of Agricultural engineering research. (Journal of Biosystems engineering).
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences