Creating excel sheet
Written by Nabil Brandl
The labels in the right side have links to Microsoft site and Microsoft office template to create Microsoft office applications.

To create excel applications is a matter of wel systematic planing. First of all the purpose of the application. For example create spread sheet for reminders dates. This sheet include sub sheets for different years.

Click on Excel Calender to download excel file and save it on your computer. Try to create new sub calender and copy one of the existing sub calender. When you get more experience with this calender, try to create a new calender and modified as you wish. This way is the best way to learn excel.

Try other Microsoft office template such as Word, Power point and oulook.

Good luck with Microsoft office application.

By the Microsoft office applications is a good hobbies for retired old people to activate their brains to stay active.

This page was last updated: March 27, 2012